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Soliciting a beauty shop trap: compulsory consumption card after store empty – Beijing "I do 2000 yuan beauty card, Meifadian soon ran away!" I went to the free experience of beauty, the results were trapped on the million, but fortunately the police to help me to come back." Yesterday morning, Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau Street held in 2016 to combat criminal achievement report and return of property involved in a ceremony at the Guanyin Bridge business district, some people encounter beauty trap, finally to reclaim his cheated money. Chongqing evening news chief reporter ran the reporter Zhu Jun photo free beauty compulsory consumption more than 4000 yuan in May last year, who lives in Shapingba Lei lady and her husband went to the Guanyin Bridge business district Jiangbei District police station said that he was a beauty shop forced consumption of more than 4000 yuan. Ms. Lei went shopping in Guanyin Bridge, a young woman handed a small card that can be free to test the skin. Can not stand the woman’s persistence, Ms. Lei to do the test. Deposited on the face of a layer of black liquid, the clerk told Ms. Lei test to collect fees, the price of 28 yuan. Then the clerk said, to use a professional facial cleanser, professional mask to wash away the black liquid on the face, or her face will increase the number of blood. Do a 1600 yuan of care, you can remove the blood. If not, Ms. Lei out of the beauty shop face to purple, disfigured several million yuan medicine is bad. In desperation, Ms. Lei pay finished nursing, a total of 4000 yuan. The police investigation found that the institutions even Ms. Lei charges without a receipt. Under the mediation of the police, only agreed to refund the 4000 yuan Ms. lei. 2000 yuan card overnight empty "beauty, handsome, free shampoo, hair design, free beauty experience, to service our club feeling, this is a popular street soliciting routine. Yesterday, a man who came to receive money, Mr. Zhao told the Chongqing evening news reporter, he was fooled by such words to do card. In July this year, Mr. Zhao spent 2000 yuan for a barber shop card, a few friends together to do the card and Mr. Zhao, have spent one thousand or two thousand yuan. A month later, the salon disappeared. Another victim, Ms. Wang handled a style called barber shop card, after spending several times, the balance of about 6000 yuan card. Acer lady again went to the barber shop, but found that the shop has been empty, she reported to the police that it has 56 people in police station. The barber shop opened in 2013, to the sudden closure in 2015, resulting in the membership of the customer can not get the proper service, a total of 132 victims of the case, the total amount of not spending more than 30 yuan. Police work immediately after receiving the report, finally clear the suspect sohn. After the police preaching the law, Sohn suspects to surrender to the police station, and the other suspects surrendered to police 330 thousand yuan. 100 yuan highest whitening needle sold to 5000 yuan yesterday, in the anti fraud booth, the police took a vial of liquid to the Chongqing evening news.相关的主题文章: