The boy rushed to protect her when he saw the teacher being beaten

When the teacher was hit when the boy rushed to protect her first when you see your teacher was hit by the students, as a student, you will do? Give a black little brother America’s own answer.   recently, a mobile phone video on Youtube and Liveleak to get a high click. The beginning of the video, wearing a white female teacher is trying to persuade the two fighting students – one dressed in a black, one dressed in red. In the sequel of the process, the female teacher was suddenly hit the red men, female teachers staggered out of the classroom. Just then, third boys appeared. See the teacher was hit, the boy rushed to punch the red boy’s face, put him down to the ground. Knocked on the red boys, while boys fight another advantage to beat the red boys, the boys and a Lycra pulled him away. Then the boy shouted to the red boys: you look at the point, you just hit the teacher! You calm me down! You hit the teacher! How dare you call a teacher? Who do you think you are!" Then the woman teacher appeared in the video, and let the students to these boys are opened. The boy who protected the teacher said to the teacher, "he just hit you!" This video does not specify where the specific occurrence of which school, netizens have praised the protection of the brave boys. @king doggie students must respect the teacher, because of this, I respect the teacher to protect the boys! @Arian Sanders words can not express my respect for the child. In order to protect the teacher a punch down others, and then immediately calm down the fight. @Elana Rodriguez I want to donate the child, the child’s name? @Patricia Murray no matter what parents raise the raise children grow up, I will give you a big respect, you cultivate a good son! @lifeis to tell you the truth, I love this kid. The boy didn’t care at the beginning of the fight. But when the teacher was hit, he rushed to the first time to protect the teacher. Not only a boxing hit the students, but also to prevent the pursuit of another boy. He was completely at ease in the struggle.相关的主题文章: