The first generation of super Hengda worthy Dynasty nouveau riche siege

Worthy of the first dynasty of Cenozoic super Hengda Hengda campaign stop nouveau riche to celebrate sina sports news the evening of October 23rd, the Super League twenty-eighth round fight, Guangzhou Hengda in the 1-1 draw with Yanbian Fuld, ahead of the 2 round won the 2016 season of Super Champion, this is also the Guangzhou Heng Dalian continued the six season crowned Super Champion, "in the first dynasty." well deserved. It is easy to strike the land. Previously, only the Dalian Shide (Wanda) has 1996 consecutive win, and 1998 season, 2000 to 2002 season, Dalian Shide completed two of three consecutive years, coupled with the first year on a A champion, 2005 Super League champions, Dalian Shide to Albert crown eight founded "Dalian dynasty". Subsequently, the Shandong Luneng to become super era overlord, but three Championships 2006, 2008, 2010 were in the championship season. Since the 2011 season in the Super League, Guangzhou Hengda "Jinyuan offensive" swept the super, Muriqui, Kleo, and other big players to join, Conca and Gao Lin, Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting and other players, let Guangzhou Hengda combat power surge, even the former overlord of Shandong Luneng will soon become the first fall by the wayside, last season, Guangzhou Hengda won the championship. Four the following season, Guangzhou Hengda continue to "Jinyuan offensive" to attract talent, GalAT, Paulinho, Alan and other world-class players to help out, but win difficulty is increasing. 2011 season, Guangzhou Hengda won the championship in advance of the 4 round. But the 2012 season, Guangzhou Evergrande won the championship in advance of the 1 round. 2013 season, Guangzhou Hengda won the first round of the 3 round. The 2014 season, the last round of Guangzhou Hengda thrilling win the championship. 2015 season, Guangzhou Hengda is in the final round to get the championship. After entering the 2016 season, many people think that the Guangzhou Hengda era should be over, especially in the field AFC Champions League group phase advance out of the case, the Guangzhou Hengda win odds fell. The world is not too optimistic about the Guangzhou Hengda defending, the more important reason from the super pack and play. Although the former Guangzhou Evergrande to challenge the Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan fell into the relegation circle, but the new generation of Hong Kong Shanghai, Shanghai Shenhua nouveau riche, Hebei Huaxia happiness to Guangzhou Hengda fear. The new generation investment team in the nouveau riche instead of less than Guangzhou Hengda, have no time, like Jiangsu Suning, Hebei Huaxia happiness investment to the top of the global transfer window on the top, they are eager to copy the year timeout "Jinyuan entering in Guangzhou Hengda offensive". In the process of the Super League, Guangzhou Hengda did impact, such as the start of the league stage, the Hong Kong Shanghai, Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Hengda once bite the integral; the second half of the league, Hebei Huaxia happiness become the most promising impact Guangzhou Hengda hegemony team; to the final sprint, Jiangsu Suning it is the only team to prevent Guangzhou Hengda win. Although the process has twists and turns, but the result is Guangzhou Hengda win. Compared to the other team, Guangzhou Hengda has been running shape, high degree of tacit understanding between each other, and for many years to consecutive)相关的主题文章: