The guy holding a kitchen knife to make mobile phone shop after being caught out was actually a

The guy holding a kitchen knife to make mobile phone shop after being caught out was actually a fugitive to buy mobile phone will inevitably encounter some problems, but recently in Xi’an Baqiao District, a man in the face of mobile phone problems, is to lose control. The incident in October 3rd 2 in the afternoon, in the Xi’an Baqiao District Hongqing street a mobile phone shop, then a man holding a knife in the store to raise a hue and cry. Man with a knife: "you hurry up, otherwise I would not kill anyone, kill one, I will pull a sharedzilla, after 18 years is a hero." From the scene in the video, you can see that this guy is holding a knife anger. This is a pressing matter of the moment, the alarm, the man was the scene of the threat people say "who dare to call the police who was stabbed to death". Seeing the man feeling more and more excited, the clerk quickly called the police, during the National Day is working overtime, street patrol Hongqing police station were quick to reach the scene. Hong Qing police station: "the day before (Zhao) in a mobile phone shop to buy a HUAWEI mobile phone, he found that the mobile phone can not automatically upgrade, requires the mobile phone store returns." Talking thing, Zhao asked the waiter took out a two thousand yuan mobile phone on the go, the shop owner is not happy. Hong Qing police station: the mobile phone shop owner would not like, (mobile phone) on the ground, some damage to the shell." In this way, it happened Zhao in the store armed with a kitchen knife scene but raise a hue and cry, see the police, Zhao immediately served soft, was taken to the police station to Hong Qing, the problem again. Hong Qing police station: "in the process of dealing with the disputes, found that Zhao did not carry identity cards." Say the name chawuciren, Zhao anacoluthon, which makes the police feel more and more strange. The ensuing psychological assault on him, after 8 hours of assault. Zhao finally tell the shocking truth. Hong Qing police station: "he said he helped others in the home, the wounded people, said the Public Security Bureau will not be recorded." Originally, 19 year old Zhao Hebei, this year during the Chinese new year, because the friend lights others’ eyes, then at the entrance to the village to help fight, Zhao hurt people. Hong Qing police station: "he stabbed three people injured, one seriously injured, slightly injured two." After the incident, Zhao run fast half an year. The thought of peace, but did not expect that they will go into custody dispute mobile phone. At present, Zhao has been handed over to the Hebei police, the specific case is still under further investigation.

小伙持菜刀大闹手机店 被抓后一查竟是逃犯   买手机难免会遇到一些问题,可最近在西安灞桥区,有一名男子在遇到手机出问题之后,是失去了理智。   事发在10月3日下午2点多,在西安灞桥区洪庆街道上的一家手机店里,当时有一名男子在店内手持菜刀大喊大叫。   持刀男子:“你快点,要不然我就不怕弄死谁,弄死一个,我就当拉了个垫背的,十八年后又是一条好汉。”   从现场视频里,可以看出这个手持菜刀的小伙火气非常大。当务之急,就是报警,可这名男子却威胁现场的人说“谁敢报警就捅死谁”。   眼看着男子情绪越来越激动,店员赶紧报了警,正在国庆期间加班加点,进行街面巡查的洪庆派出所民警迅速到达了现场。   洪庆派出所民警:“前一天(赵某)在手机店买了华为手机,他发现手机不能自动升级,就要求手机店退货。”   正说着事儿呢,赵某让服务员拿了一部两千多元的手机就要走,这下店老板是不乐意了。   洪庆派出所民警:“手机店老板肯定不愿意,(手机)掉地上了,壳子有些损坏。”   就这样,便发生了赵某在店里手持菜刀大喊大叫的一幕,不过见了民警,赵某立即服了软,被带到了洪庆派出所,可问题又来了。   洪庆派出所民警:“在处理这个纠纷的过程中,发现赵某没有携带身份证。”   说的名字查无此人,赵某又前言不搭后语,这让民警越发觉得蹊跷。随后对他展开心理攻坚,在经历了8个小时的攻坚之后。赵某终于说出了令人震惊的事实。   洪庆派出所民警:“他说他在老家帮别人打架,把别人打伤了,说公安局会不会有记录。”   原来,19岁的赵某是河北人,在今年过年期间,由于朋友的车灯照了别人的眼,随后在村口发生打斗时,帮忙的赵某伤了人。   洪庆派出所民警:“他用刀捅伤三人,其中一名重伤,两名轻伤。”   案发后,赵某东躲西藏了快半年。本以为相安无事,却没料到,自己会因为一起手机纠纷落入法网。   目前,赵某已经被移交给河北警方,具体案情还在进一步侦办当中。相关的主题文章: