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Paintball guns , also known as paintball markers, are mostly used to mark an opposing player in a paintball game with a paint ball. Paintball guns were earlier used by farmers and forestry groups to mark cattle and trees. The first paintball guns were seen in 1981. These guns were invented by James C. Hal and were used initially by forest department workers for paintball games. In 1985, Robert G. Shepherd made a paintball guns specifically designed for the sport. These guns were designed to shoot the paint ball at a higher rate of speed. Compressed gas is used to power the paintball gun. Velocity that is acquired by the paintball when shot from a paintball gun is around 100m/s. For wide range of paintball guns and other products you can visit ( Carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen or normal air is the compressed gases that are used in the paintball guns to shoot a paintball. Current paintball guns consist mainly of four main components. These parts are barrel, hoppers, tank and of course the body. Cheap paintball guns are used in competitions on the field as compared to expensive guns. But the main difference between cheap paintball guns and expensive ones is that the latter are just made to last longer. The only way to get the detail difference between them is just by using them on the field. A cheap paintball gun is built using durable material which provides good quality. A nice way to check the quality of guns is just give it a good shake, if it rattles; they need to be left out. Spyder paintball guns have a long silver barrel which allows fire balling at a high velocity. They are quite popular because of their consistent display and firing accuracy. Check out all of the Kingman Spyder paintball guns and products at DPX Paint. Tippmann is the brand to choose if you are looking for value and durability. Tippmann paintball guns are easy to use and hold. They are designed especially for comfort and dependability. Hundreds of upgrades are available for the Tippmann paintball guns and you can find them all right here at DPX Paint. Make sure, the better version you pick up, the better will be the game of Paintball. And for better version you will have to take a lea of faith with a company that have established a name in the paintball community like DPXpaint (..dpxpaint../) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: