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The last thing you can not do is pay attention to the public number of marriage, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: warm brother "a lot of people will say, don’t want to do that — this is the reason they have man" into a river rather than ever, "is a virtue, to the" 3S lady "here, became a personality defect. This is the mainstream values of this era. 1 no one knows how many times Sun Xiaomei has been divorced. I doubt that she has forgotten. In the beginning, her story is "the standard version 3S lady". Four years ago, when she was 28 years old, work with secretarial work, look at the drama, eating junk food, love a cactus, cactus to each Tuo name. Is an ordinary girl. But in her mother’s eyes, Sun Xiaomei is a disabled person. 28 year old girl, did not fall in love is not married, not a mental disability? One day, my mother saw her chatting with the cactus. Mom is tough, directly in her area downstairs open dating, any man to ask the object, only one, Sun Xiaomei. Her mother taught her, asked not to be so high, will be able to live a good life! Do you really think you can marry In-Sung Zo, Lee Min Ho? Sun Xiaomei in the mother’s power, one day has lost 11 men, see the last time, her face blindness is serious, I don’t really know who is who, bored, fell asleep. Then she met a man who worked in a bank. He looked very honest. Her mother was very happy. Sun Xiaomei got his license. What are booked a banquet, honeymoon Hotel, the man said "I feel shy or just love my ex girlfriend". Sun Xiaomei has yet to wear a wedding dress, a divorced woman, she and the man, only on a bed, but also her virginity, the pregnant. Abortion that day, she sent a message to the man, the other did not return. Sun Xiaomei said, okay, I’m not familiar with him, the damage value is relatively small. Please do not hurt such a girl 2 Sun Xiaomei married for the second time, and is a real estate intermediary, the intermediary eloquence good, high income, in particular, like reading, love the literary masterpiece is the young woman white clean. Sun Xiaomei and mom said, this man is not a bit false eyes? Mom said, people look impiety and you still gloomy skin, less picky, almost on the line! After 6 months of marriage, Sun Xiaomei’s husband filed for divorce, because Sun Xiaomei is a SM, he be beneath the human character, the wife and three P, she did not hesitate to veto, do not have the enthusiasm to try new things. Sun Xiaomei recently broke up with a man again. But they have yet to take a card, there are several versions, some people say that they are registered in Hongkong, some people say that they go to the Civil Affairs Bureau licensing day, they had a big fight, that day broke up. His name is Sun Xiaomei even don’t remember clearly, you may call the ocean, perhaps is the sea, with water anyway. Sun Xiaomei mother scolded her not sincere, too hard, she retorted, you know I hate sloppy people also urged me to marry him, don’t you see he had a runny nose rub on the sleeves, dig booger secretly wipe under the table)相关的主题文章: