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Vacation-Rentals For those who enjoy that special European vacation every year, a timeshare in Europe is an excellent investment, and a great way to guarantee that you will always have a .fortable place to stay in the city of your choice. In the past, people who have avoided getting a timeshare in Europe are now jumping on the bandwagon because of new EU legislation that protects timeshare buyers and more flexible ways of owning a timeshare slot. Because of these changes, timeshare in Europe is growing in popularity, among European holiday makers and abroad. Since many travelers opted for hotels rather than timeshare in Europe because they felt it restricted them to a certain city are now investing in timeshare properties because of the development of the timeshare point system. Instead of purchasing a specific property, you buy a certain number of timeshare points that will enable you to choose a timeshare property for a certain date among up to 5,600 locations around Europe. This will enable you to spend one summer in Italy, the next summer in France etc If you would prefer to purchase a timeshare in Europe that is focused on a specific property, you can use your time there, rent it or sell it. Transferring timeshare property is not difficult, but if you live outside Europe, it is best to find a reliable agent who will take care of the negotiation and the paperwork for you. The papers need to be sent to the buyer and the seller, to the local authorities for approval, and finally, to the .pany that oversees the timeshare property. Since this process may take some time, ensure that you know well ahead of time that you want to sell your timeshare property, so you dont get stuck at the last moment. A typical timeshare in Europe costs about 9,000 Euros. The price might be more or less, depending on the location. It is possible to find less expensive properties in areas that have fewer tourists, and it is worth researching places that are quite picturesque but are seldom traveled (some find out of the way places more relaxing than tourist traps). When purchasing a timeshare in Europe, the right frame of mind is to think of it as an investment in great annual vacations and not to expect an outstanding return on your investment. Since, to begin with, the typical timeshare in Europe is already located in a popular area where the demand is already high, it is not likely that it will appreciate much in value. There are several things to consider when purchasing a timeshare in Europe: Location Size Amenities Period of time Annual charges Cost of getting there All of these factors should be taken into account when choosing your timeshare in Europe. If you can .promise on these issues, you might be able to find a cheaper timeshare. On the other hand, if certain things are important to you, it is worth investing the extra money for the added convenience. To prevent timeshare fraud, the EU has put in place new regulations for purchasing a timeshare in Europe. This is designed to protect the consumer and to give the buyer more options when purchasing a timeshare. A buyer is given a cooling off period between deciding to purchase the property and the time the sale is final. This is usually around 10 days, and all of the funds are held in deposit until this period is over. During the cooling off period, the seller cannot have access to the money. The contract must be written in the language of the member state and the purchaser must receive all of the information about his or her rights. These regulations make it safer to buy a timeshare in Europe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: