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UnCategorized The feeling of being tired is one of the most frustrating feelings that every person must over.e. All people from all ages experience tiredness. Some even experience it in an excessive state which is also known as fatigue or prolonged tiredness. People have been devising ways to stop tiredness but until now, there are still no foolproof ways to eliminate it .pletely. There are things that you should never do though to relieve fatigue and stop being tired all the time. Some of them are listed below. Never have too little sleep. Unless you are Napoleon, you should never have too little sleep because this can make you feel extremely tired. The more sleep deprived you are, the more frequent you’ll have fatigue attacks in the form of feeling weak and sleepy. Remember that even robots and programmed devices need sleep too. They too have to rest and recharge. It is the same with the human body. Never have too much sleep. If sleeping for relatively short time per night is not good, sleeping too much is not good as well. Most people tend to oversleep on weekends because they believe that they can catch up with their lost sleep this way. This is a misconception. When you sleep too much, you are not giving your body energy. What you are doing is disrupting your natural sleep cycle and making yourself sleepier. Have you ever wondered why you still feel sleepy even after you have slept for more than 12 hours? This is because whenever you oversleep, your body restarts a sleep cycle and that cannot be interrupted. Never have too much sugar. When we talk about sugar, it does not mean table sugar. Sugar is present in almost all the food that you eat. Fruits have sugar. Vegetables have sugar. Bread has sugar. Rice has sugar. Even the salty potato chips that you eat have sugar in them! You must always consider your sugar intake because having too much sugar in the body is not good. For one, it can result to diabetes. Moreover, it can make you feel extremely tired because of sugar crash. Imagine yourself being too happy and excited because you found out that you are going to an all-expense-paid trip to your favorite country. However, something .es up and you are able to join. How upset would you be? This is the same with the sugar level in the body. Whenever you eat too many sweets, you sugar level rises but in a short while, it drops dramatically because of the release of insulin. As a result, you go from having too high energy to an energy crash. That is something that you certainly do not want to experience. Therefore, the next time you feel a craving for sugar, skip your chocolate and candy bars. Go for food that has sugar but at the same time healthy for the body just like fruits. Glucose in fruits is natural and simple so the body can break them down easily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: