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Warm heart cannot do without really (today talk) – View – people.com.cn all sincere love, sincerity in building. On holidays, to the difficulties of the masses warmth, is to transfer care from the government through this special moment. In the past, "send rice oil" theory is honest; now extended to employment, medical care, housing and other livelihood needs of science and technology and cultural development needs, is about precision. No matter what to send, sight is the needs of the masses, is always the same. And to send to the heart, "send" first, pragmatic, truly understand the people are thinking, like hope, not only do the interaction of the festival, more consideration of daily assistance and care system, so that the difficulties of the masses through the struggle to change the situation of confidence up. President Xi Jinping in the New Year message said: "all of the difficulties of the masses, we must love, let them feel the warmth from the heart." The inner warmth that originated from the "send" value. Don’t take it as a "holiday", usually pay more responsibility, to the difficulties of the masses due attention and respect, due respect and feel warm. "People’s Daily" (02 2016 01 August 01 Edition)

暖心离不开真心(今日谈)–观点–人民网   一切真挚的爱,建筑在真诚之上。逢年过节,给困难群众送温暖,正是希望通过这个特殊时刻传递来自政府的关怀。过去送“油米面被”,论的是实诚;如今扩展到就业、就医、安居等民生需求乃至科技、文化等发展需求,讲的是精准。  无论送什么,准星是群众的需求,不变的始终是牵挂。而要送到心坎上,要求“送”者首先得求真务实,真正了解群众所思所想、所愿所盼,既做好节日的交流互动,更考虑日常救助、制度关怀,让困难群众鼓起通过奋斗改变处境的信心。  习近平主席在新年贺词中说:“对所有困难群众,我们都要关爱,让他们从内心感受到温暖。”群众内心的暖意,源于“送”的价值指向。不把它当成“节日作业”,平日里付出更多责任心,困难群众才能因受关注而得尊重,因受尊重而备感温暖。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月01日 01 版)相关的主题文章: