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Weight-Loss As more and more people find it very difficult to lose weight because they simply cannot find enough time to hit the gym and exercise, weight loss supplements have flooded pharmacies in recent years, promising to give satisfactory results at the fastest time possible. These supplements claim to help you effectively lose weight by expediting the fat-burning process, or make you lose your appetite. For .mercial purposes, these products have been sold as Food Supplements, making them available to just about everyone. The sad reality is that most of these products do not work, and in the absence of regulation, many of these supplements that promise weight loss can actually cause more harm than good. Here are some of the products that mislead the weight-conscious population: 1. Many Weight Loss Shakes on the Market Most weight loss shakes on the market have inferior ingredients and toxic sweeteners. At the Body Project we only use the purest whole food supplements that are time tested having been around for about 80 years. Stay away from sweeteners like aspartame and sucrolose, these are two of the most popular and most toxic sweeteners used in shakes. 2. Magnetic Obesity Diet Pills the manufacturers claims that these pills can reduce your body fat by burning them in large quantities failed. Thats enough reason for you to stop thinking about buying these products. 3. Glu.annan claims to suppress appetite by filling up your stomach and making you feel that you are already full. However, there is no proof that these products actually produce this effect. 4. Starch Blockers block the digestion of starch to hinder weight gain. When the starch blockers work their magic, they actually cause the body to excrete starch right away by taking them directly to the intestines so that the body wont have time to digest it and contribute to weight gain. However, it has been shown to have side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting and other stomach problems. 5. Spirulina is the most natural weight loss supplement in this batch. It has certain nutrients that may help in the weight loss process. However, theres still no evidence to link it to effective weight loss. Some of these products may actually give positive results during the first few days of use, leading most of us to believe that continued consumption will result in continued weight loss until we reach our desired weight. However, these products were really meant to work only in the short run, for prolonged exposure may lead to us not only failing to lose weight, but contracting various diseases as well. Losing weight is never easy; and its not really supposed to be. You can only achieve it through hard work. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Do it the natural way. The Body Project has dedicated personal trainers and nutritional experts to help you do just that. Our holistic approach to weight loss will definitely help you achieve your desired results. Our core philosophies are targeted to helping clients ac.plish their goals the natural way. Feel free to approach any of our nutritional experts to seek help or advice about weight loss supplements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: