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Advertising If you are planning to start using a new marketing strategy called EDDM, then you need to be aware of some of the basic rules and requirements of this program. The EDDM program has been created by USPS to help small and medium businesses to promote their products and services. Until now, a lot of businesses have been very satisfied with the results that this marketing strategy gave them. When preparing your marketing campaign, the most important thing is how you prepare your mail pieces. Since you will have to pay a service to USPS for the delivery of these mail pieces, each mail piece will need to contain an EDDM indicia printed on the front side together with the addressing. The newest EDDM indicia can be downloaded and printed directly from the web site of USPS. In case you didnt know, the EDDM indicia is a part of EDDM Retail mailing instructions. It contains the following information: PRSRT STD, ECRWSS, U.S. POSTAGE, PAID, EDDM RETAIL. This is actually the new EDDM indicia as the old indicia was saying U.S. POSTAGE PAID in one line, while now the word PAID appears on a separate line and stands by itself. The EDDM program is a very simple marketing strategy and is an excellent solution for small and medium businesses who cant afford expensive marketing campaigns through media such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc. while EDDM indicia is one of the rules that need to be respected within this marketing system, there are other EDDM Retail Highlights only standard mail flats are accepted, weight limit per mail piece is 3.3 oz, there can be a maximum of 5000 mail pieces delivered per day, there are no mailing lists etc. When starting the EDDM marketing campaign, you as a businessman will have to choose where you would like to promote your business. You can decide to promote yourself in the neighborhood, within one zip code, city, etc. no matter what you choose, you can check out very easily the carrier routes on the web site of USPS. There are around 500 households within one carrier route and you can decide which mailing routes the postman should take and where to deliver your promotional material. Using the EDDM program is simple, it is free and there are no annual costs. However, as a businessman that will be suing the services of USPS, you need to create your ID and after this step you will be provided with a universal EDDM indicia which you can print out very easily from a personal .puter or the indicia can be printed directly on the mail pieces that will be delivered to the target households. No matter which kind of printer you choose, once your promotional material has been done and bundled, it will be delivered directly to the post office by the person that was handling the printing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: