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Politics "With pomp and grandeur you parade your selection of omnipotence pass where I stand to center stage as if I were not there. What has this little boy of Mine done that warrants you kneeling and honoring him so? You carefully adjust his robe and provide him with nourishment leaving me to look after Myself. "Today I waited for you to give this holy one of yours a handful of dirt and ask him to make you a child or even a mustard seed out of it. What has this holy man done that you have witnessed that I haven’t? "Is it possible that I was asleep when he cured a cripple or gave sight to one who was blind? Time after time you embellish and even create deeds so you can make these religious icons of yours saints. Why do you do that when I have given you an everlasting Saint from My very own blood? Could it be that my Son and I are no longer worthy of your trust and you have decided to create your own rescuer? Okay. I will allow it. But it is for you to know that the one you are kneeling and praising is the one you are to go to in your next moment of fear. My Son and I are curious how those of you without worldly status propose to tell this holy man of yours about your needs and wants in the middle of the night as you do with Us, but We sincerely hope it works out for the two of you." I replied, "God, no newspaper will publish this story should that be Your goal. They’ll not even sell me space to publish it." To my surprise God said, "That’s understandable since the media is nothing but a political conduit. To the Catholics credit, they don’t build sexual concentration camps like the Mormons do. And sadly, these two cults are just as holy as the rest of them. You go ahead and write about our meeting, and you just might be shocked at how many decent people will publish it. There are not quite as many hypocrites in the world as you believe, Bob." Footnote: Over a million people lined the sidewalks of America for hours on hours in hopes of getting a glimpse of this Pope, the leader of a vicious gang of pedophiles and homosexuals. A gang that has spent over $450 million dollars in the United States alone in fees, fines and settlements for their ungodly deeds. The unknown damage done by the female side of this organization to little girls has been avoided by all in hopes this disgusting event will somehow go away. It might be worth noting that these degenerates are paying for all of this out of monies that people have given the church to carry on God’s work. Who am I? I’m that little boy who a priest sat on his desk and then unzipped his pants at the St. Florian School in St. Florian, Alabama. Have I sued the church? No, and I don’t intend to. I don’t want money that was given to the church by a multitude of people worse off than I am. But that sure hasn’t stopped all these other good, God fearing Christians and their attorneys from grabbing it. These damn hypocrites on both sides make me gag. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: