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Why haze days drive? The secret behind the fact that – Sohu car in the early years of Beijing, eat a duck to a the Great Wall will be satisfied, and now come to Beijing, do not smoke two haze really embarrassed to say that he had come to Beijing. The spread of the Internet this piece: Southern friends to Beijing haze, have said that although the South humid haze scenery, but to say that the taste is enough, is probably better than Beijing. Also heard Hebei haze rough bold, but a little less details. Haze still need to pay attention to a heritage, the old Beijing haze is really new heavy haze than the south, sucked up into the nasal soft, yet mellow, slightly sweet taste carefully under the fog, is the hometown of thick haze is pure Beijing. A few days ago, Beijing haze began to go crazy, circle of friends everywhere is not home or show off in heaven. Living in such a Beijing, riding a bike is basically equal to chronic suicide, do not engage in a car with air purification function of the car, really do not have the courage to go out. Although the car is easy to choose a good, it is difficult to pick out the car opened the car in the haze days, millions of luxury cars open course, fun, but no matter life insurance. Today is the world of the Internet, the new car in the propaganda of their own how to provide advanced Internet features, and the real focus on air quality of the most basic details of the model but not much. Dongfeng heard the Citroen C6 has just listed a special cattle breaking air purification system, and as the car turned I have had the privilege to edit the identity of the first chief experience officer in Beijing haze days so severe in the experience of anti haze weapon, the air conditioning system of the acid cool you know ~ Dongfeng Citroen C6 what how awesome, please listen to small series for you spectators Weiweidaolai: C6 car is equipped with the same level of the few air quality sensor (AQS), can monitor air quality inside and outside the vehicle, automatic switching of internal and external circulation, cut off the external air pollution in the car. And efficient activated carbon filter can easily PM2.5, PM10 and other harmful particles outside the vehicle to block, in order to ensure good air quality in the car. Not only that, Dongfeng Citroen C6 is equipped with a proud of the four district independent zone air conditioning system, different from the other vehicle air conditioning blowing straight body Tiaodang design, C6 air conditioner will make a scientific guide, through the arrangement of each corner in the car carefully designed the air outlet to form gas circulation is small, thus build around the feet, legs and waist and head of the constant temperature field, full of rich and comfortable French romantic feelings. B+ market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Dongfeng Citroen C6 can become one of the explosion? As chief experience officer, of course, can not try the air-conditioning on the end. Dongfeng Citroen C6 as a Dongfeng Citroen launched a new luxury car to enjoy the more advanced, located in the B+ market, but also Dongfeng Citroen flagship model in the Chinese market. Such a new product, can become a B+ class market explosion? Can carry the banner of Dongfeng Citroen high-end, is the key part of the experience to. In recent years, the new car manufacturers emerge in endlessly, the market is constantly refined. Which is a very important part of the gradual evolution of the B+ class car market, joint venture manufacturers have hope.相关的主题文章: