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Yi Gang: Inclusive Finance is not a "charity" financial news agency of the new network in Beijing in August 26, (Chen Su) "I emphasize Inclusive Finance is not charity finance, not financial relief, nor financial policy." China’s Central Bank Deputy Governor Yi Gang 26 at the China International Financial Forum on the inclusion of more than 2016 made the above statement. Inclusive Finance in 2005 by the United Nations, its core goal is to enable everyone to access to financial services, with particular emphasis on farmers, small and micro enterprises, urban poor and other vulnerable groups to provide financial services. However, due to lack of risk control, infrastructure and other factors, in many countries, the realization of Inclusive Finance often need to rely on government policy tilt. Yi Gang said that in the long run, the development of Inclusive Finance must consider the sustainability of its business. Inclusive finance can not rely on financial subsidies and excessive administrative orders, its development should play the main body of market forces, seeking business sustainable mode, which is a basic principle, "if we rely on government subsidies, is not sustainable, lying on the central bank, is not sustainable." According to the latest data from the world bank, the development of inclusive financial China most of the indicators are ranked in the forefront of the developing countries, especially in the account penetration rate and savings penetration rate index performed better, significantly better than the national average of G20. Yi Gang said that this is mainly due to after 20 years of development, Chinese Inclusive Finance made some good experience, for example, differences in monetary policy and promote financial infrastructure construction, the supervision of the implementation of incentive policies to support the reform of rural credit cooperatives and other financial institutions and the main inclusive new financial organizations development measures. While emphasizing the role of market regulation, Yi Gang also suggested that the central bank will continue to reform the subsidy measures to help inclusive financial development. He said, "we have emphasized the transfer payments and government subsidies to rural households, not through the county and township government, directly hit the farmers or farmers, for a long time to get the money, each level may be a point deduction. We are now the government subsidies directly to farmers, so that rural areas can also have some very simple financial and insurance business, which is the focus of our future efforts to continue to focus on financial services." (end)相关的主题文章: