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Young people also suffer from cerebral infarction, cerebral infarction, attention! Sohu health in our traditional impression, the elderly cerebral infarction is exclusive, rarely pay attention to this disease, but the young man recently, the news has caused the majority of young people, especially women’s note: reported that the 32 year old white-collar Ms. Chen wake up to the right side of the body feel numb. Can’t do anything. At first she thought it was the wrong position to sleep, the results did not get better in the afternoon. She came to a local hospital. Acute cerebral infarction, ami. He was still young, the body is also good, how can the admissions doctor for cerebral infarction? She learned that, Ms. Chen since 5 years ago after her daughter, has been taking the pill. Doctors believe that Ms. Chen sudden cerebral infarction associated with her long term birth control pills. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University Department of Neurosurgery director Zhao Haikang reminder: long-term use of contraceptives will indeed increase the risk of cerebral infarction, and a history of smoking on long-term use of contraceptives for women, the risk will be greatly improved. Smoking and oral contraceptives increase the risk of stroke pill really so dangerous? Director Zhao Haikang points out, will ask whether the patient is taking the pill when they are questioning the life history of female patients undergoing cerebral infarction, whether in smoking, both have significantly increased risk of stroke. He explained that the majority of contraceptives containing progesterone and estrogen, these two hormones can cause increased blood viscosity, blood flow is slow, and will cause abnormal coagulation function, increase blood coagulation, resulting in thrombosis. Smokers are 4 times more likely to have a stroke than non-smokers, and carbon monoxide in the smoke can cause endothelial cell dysfunction, accelerate hardening of the blood vessels, and significantly increase the risk of stroke. If a woman has the habit of smoking, but also in the oral contraceptives, then she will greatly increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease. Director Zhao reminder: more than 35 years of smoking women, accompanied by hypertension, diabetes, migraine, or previous thrombosis events, should avoid the use of oral contraceptives, take other contraceptive methods. For other women, short acting oral contraceptives as long as the law to take, do not leak service is not excessive, security is still relatively high. But the person must be on a regular basis every year to find out whether their physical condition is suitable for birth control pills. High fat diet induced obesity is also a factor for drinking so Chan cerebral infarction in young patients, in recent years, the incidence of brain infarction in young adults cerebral infarction increased sharply, younger trend is obvious. For women, long-term use of contraceptives is one of the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In addition, factors of smoking and drinking, obesity, cardiovascular disease and family history, may increase the risk of thrombotic diseases. Young people with cerebral infarction in modern sub healthy way of life is closely related to the heavy work pressure, disordered patterns of life, unhealthy eating habits and smoking, drinking and other bad habits, "three high" gradually forced to young people, with cerebral infarction. This kind of risk factors leading to cerebral infarction younger can be intervened to maintain a good working and living conditions, adjust the diet structure, change;相关的主题文章: